Month: February 2021

Tips For Landing Great HR Internships As A Student

Landing HR internships are important as a student, as they allow you to gain real world experience in the industry and understand how a company works. They will allow you to apply your theoretical experience in a practical situation, as well as seeing how other people in the industry work. HR internships also allow you to network with other big names in the industry and to create a name for yourself. This will allow them to find work opportunities in the future through their expanded business network. It is important for students to build their professional network while they are at university, as they can then find work opportunities and promotion opportunities after they graduate. However, there are many more students than HR internships available, and it can often be difficult to land a good one. There are many factors that employers take into account when they are looking for students to work for them, and you need to consider them before going for an interview.

Here are some tips for landing great HR internships as a student.

Check your resume

Mock up resume

Checking your resume thoroughly is a good idea before going for HR internships. You will need to ensure that it looks professional and structured well, as this is reflective of how your work will look like. You should also be checking for any spelling and grammar errors, and not just relying on the built-in spell-check. Furthermore, you need to look into your timeline of different jobs and ensure there are no inaccuracies or inconsistencies. It would be a good idea to include information that you know employers care about at the top of the resume. These employers receive hundreds of applications, and will likely only skim through your resume, therefore it is important to put the important information that they will want to see at the top of the resume to catch their attention, prompting them to read through your resume more thoroughly.

Know how to be in an interview

The interview is arguably the most important part of the process of landing great HR internships. In the interview, you should know how to act so that the employers are impressed. The interview for HR internships is a good indicator of how you will act in the workplace, and therefore you will need to consider some things. You should of course look presentable, clean, tidy and professional. It is a good idea to visit the website of the company you are applying for and learn basic information about them. They could ask about this and demonstrating a basic knowledge about the company shows that you have put in effort. You can also have some questions prepared that you can ask them that will show this too, such as what they expect from you and possibly even the strategy of the company. This will set you apart when interviewing for HR internships.

Show flexibility

HR internships will usually have many different duties that the student will have to complete. It is a good idea to show flexibility in your skills to demonstrate that you can do many different types of tasks. This will show them that you are willing to put in effort, even if it is just simple variable tasks around the office.


In summary, HR internships can be difficult to land due to their availability in comparison to the number of students there are out there. There are some factors you should consider when applying for them, and following these tips will help you to land HR internships.

Everything About Customs Brokerage For Beginners

Each country operates on different rules and regulations for imports and exports. Each product has different requirements based on its classifications and valuation. Beyond the national governments, international regulatory bodies also monitor global trade. The more you know about international trade, the better you will be able to navigate its complexities. However, this knowledge itself is a special skill set, that takes time, experience, and money to navigate. Hence, you can hire someone instead to manage the difficulty of all tasks: clearing the customs.


How does customs brokerage work?

If you are involved in export and import expect a lot of paperwork. You have to collect forms, fill them and submit them to relevant authorities. All of these forms differ based on the nature of the goods, the taxes and duties that are levied on those goods, and the specific customs rules of the country. To ensure that you do not accidentally miss or worse, break any of the regulations around international trade, you have to be familiar with all the nitty and gritty of this process called the Customs Clearance. Customs Clearance involves the valuation of the goods for their authenticity in terms of both physical inspections as well as value assessment. The Customs inspect the documents submitted to determine the duty for the product. On receipt of duty payment, the consignment is released.

If you outsource getting your consignments cleared from customs to a specialist, that person is called a Customs broker and the process of getting your customs cleared becomes Customs Brokerage. Customs brokers help you breeze through the ever-changing regulations regarding particular products. It is their job to be knowledgeable of all requirements for admission, duties, taxes, and classification imposed on the goods you are attempting to import.

Customs Brokers work individually or with brokerage firms or with freight forwarders. These third-party agencies are licensed by the Customs Department to represent the Importer. They must have a Customs Clearance License to operate. To get the license, a Customs Test is passed to ensure that the broker is well aware of all rules and laws regarding customs. These firms are responsible for streamlining the process of shipping goods so that their clients can focus on what they know best: running their business. Oftentimes, these firms have contacts with important government focal persons and can significantly accelerate the process for their clients. Since all businesses have different needs, brokers provide personalized advice. The profit margin for a small-size business with a low volume of import/export would be expanded if they employ a good customs brokerage firm to attend to their particular needs. Clients can expect a stress-free road as they grant the brokers the authority to submit documents on their behalf.

In the digital age, the regulations of shipments have largely shifted online. Many old businesses have suffered from this transition due to the general digital illiteracy. At this time, customs brokerage firms would come in handy. They keep themselves abreast of the latest developments and have developed their own internal infrastructure which can handle all the procedures required, manual or digital.


The cost of Customs Brokerage 

Brokers have varied prices based on the product, the services, whether they are an individual or a firm or part of a freight forwarder. The following costs should be expected:

  • A Customs Clearance Administrative Flat Fee
  • Inspection fee paid to government agencies
  • Delivery charges
  • Any transaction fee such as banking
  • Multiple third party charges for consignments by ships such as handover fees

Even though the brokers claim they charge a flat fee, the changing process of clearance can add costs as you go.

Hence, to ensure a profitable, stress-free, streamlined import/export business, it is advisable to take assistance from expert customs brokerage firms.