Month: June 2021

Tips on Expanding Your Pop Vinyl Collection

If you have ever been into collecting, you might have heard of pop vinyl collectibles. There are tons of new pop vinyl collections out there and it is really difficult to get all of them. They make figurines out of anything within pop culture, and some of them are only available for a limited time and can be extremely rare. Unless you have a virtually unlimited supply of money, it is going to be really hard to collect them all. Here are a few times that you can use to expand your pop vinyl collection and try to collect them all.

Keep Your Figures in Good Condition

The first thing that you should do to expand your pop vinyl collection keeps your current collection in good condition. Keeping your figures in good condition will make sure that none of the figures break and you won’t need to buy a replacement any time soon. Keeping your figures in good condition will also increase the value of your pop vinyl collection, so that one day you can sell it for a significantly higher price. Having a large pop vinyl collection not only looks cool but can be worth quite a bit of money now. In the future you could be sitting on a gold mine! The best way to keep your pop vinyl collection in good condition is to keep the pop figurines in their original box.

Don’t Just Look for Expensive Figures

Funko pop vinyl collections

When you are looking for new figurines to add to your collection, it may be tempting to avoid looking at the cheap figures. However, there are new figurines that come out all the time, and many of them aren’t priced too terribly high. Buying the newest models and looking for good deals is not only a good way to increase the size of your collection, but the cheaper ones increase in value at a much greater rate than the expensive ones. Eventually, the return on investment from the cheaper figures will be much greater than the expensive ones. The cheapest place to buy new pop figurines is from your local large retailer.

If a figure that you want but don’t have isn’t available new, going to an auction site can prove to be incredibly useful. There are tons of people looking to cash out on their pop collection and since collecting pop vinyl figurines is still a relatively new hobby, it is better to look now than later. Try to avoid getting into big bidding wars with a few of the collectors, because there are a lot of people out there that are willing to drop thousands of dollars just for one collector’s piece. The fastest way to get a large collection is to buy them cheaply in bulk, then search for the rarer ones.

Wait for New Models to Be Released

Just because you feel like you’ve collected all you can for your budget, don’t worry. There are new pop vinyl collection figurines being released on a very regular basis. Keep an eye out for the new ones that you want, and track Funko’s social media to see when and what is being released soon. Also keep an eye out to see if they are partnering with any other companies, and search for exclusive deals with just that company that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Those exclusive deals tend to be relatively rare and will be worth a lot of money later on down the line. Missing out on buying the new figurines is usually a mistake, and the figures increase in value practically the second that you buy them.