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Aug 10, 2020 Textile Business

Do you have a business account with Rabobank? Then you can link this to your accounting package with Rabo Internet Banking Professional. This application costs € 6.00 per month and also provides many other benefits.

Consider, for example, setting up multiple users with their own limits, importing and sending batch files and downloading transactions.

At Rabo Internet Banking Professional, an accounting link is possible with the following parties:

AFAS Software


  • Cash Software
  • Exactly
  • Moneybird
  • MOUSE and King Software
  • Reeleezee
  • QuickStart Software
  • Twinfield
  • Unit4
  • Visma Software

Many starting entrepreneurs can handle the above list. Do you prefer a different accounting program? Then you can manually upload the files yourself and download them in your accounting package. This way you can also book online. 

Link accounting package to your business account in 9 steps

You can easily link your accounting package and your business account yourself. This is all done online within Rabo Internet Banking Professional. Follow these nine steps to link your package:

  1. Open Rabo Internet Banking Professional and log in.
  2. Select ‘Payment and Savings’.
  3. In the left menu you will find ‘Online Accounting Package’, click on this and then go to ‘Settings’. Now you see an overview of your accounts.
  4. Select the accounting package from the drop-down menu. Then click on the button ‘Maintain accounts’. 
  5. You will then be automatically forwarded to your own accounting package. Here you can log in with the username and password of your accounting package.
  6. After this you will come to a screen where you can change and view the data of your accounting package. In this screen you choose which data you want to share with Rabobank Internet Banking Professional: transactions, payments and collection data. 
  7. Press the button ‘Save and return to Rabobank’.
  8. It is now important to implement the changed settings in Rabobank Internet Banking Professional. For this you have to sign digitally with your bank card and Rabo Scanner. Follow the instructions on your screen and enter the signing code.
  9. Click on ‘Send’. Your accounting package is now linked to your business account.

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