What Are The Features Of A Desktop Laser Cutter?

Sep 22, 2020 Blog, General
desktop laser cutter

A desktop laser cutter is an innovative new type of product that transforms technology that was previously only seen on an industrial scale into something that can fit on a regular work surface. While obviously not as powerful as the larger industrial versions of this technology, it can still do a lot of neat things and has real utility for many kinds of artists and creative professionals.

The following will examine some of the top features of desktop laser cutter:


1.     Convenience

The main draw of a desktop laser cutter is that it is small and can be used alongside a computer or laptop. It’s basically like a printer, except it can be used to slice and engrave different materials. It is combined with software that can be effortlessly used on the computer to design the cutting/engraving will look like.

This means that artists and designers can preview concepts on the computer and send them instantly to the desktop laser cutter to make it a reality. They are very easy and safe for anyone to use.


2.     Safety

laser cutting

Obviously, when electricity and heated beams are used to slice or engrave materials, safety needs to be considered. Not just from the raw energy use and risk of fire, but from the chemical fumes that can be created when you penetrate certain materials.

With high-quality railing, there is no doubt about the performance capability of this product. It is built with ventilation devices integrated into it that work to prevent smoke and fumes escaping, as well as prevent any materials catching fire.

This makes desktop laser cutters safe to use in regular home offices and commercial offices alike. The smaller-scaler of the technology means that, when used properly, anyone can keep it working at peak performance and keep the process safe at all times.


3.     Software integration

What makes desktop laser cutters even more convenient to use is the fact they come with software integrated with them that can be easily accessed by any user from a nearby computer. This allows a regular operating system to be used with the machine and allows artists to easily translate their designs from other programs so that they can be made a reality.

The camera that is built-in to the desktop laser cutters allows users to easily see what their design will look like and allow them to tinker with the exact size and angle of the design. This means that you can be extremely precise with how the final design looks and avoid mistakes that waste time and energy.


4.     Easy to use touchpad control

Another benefit of desktop laser cutters is that they can be operated via an intuitive touch panel. All of the functions and setting are there at the user’s fingertips meaning that you don’t need to find a manual to identify what button does what as it is all clearly labelled in the graphic user interface.

For anyone who has used smartphone touchscreens for a long time, this design will instantly feel familiar and intuitive. There is no steep learning curve when it comes to a desktop laser cutter, they are simple and easy for anyone to use.


5.     They are getting better all the time

The technology of desktop laser cutters is only limited by the amount of energy that can be safely used in a small environment. As technology develops and energy sources become small and more powerful, it will be easier for new iterations of this product to do more than previous versions and eventually replace the need for large industrial units.


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