Why Concrete Pools On The Gold Coast Are A Good Idea

Sep 3, 2021 Home Improvement
Man while cleaning an outdoor pool.

Getting a concrete pool in the Gold Coast installed in your backyard is an excellent idea to provide relaxation, family fun times and getting your heart rate pumping swimming laps.

When you are thinking about hiring concrete pools Gold Coast builders, there are a few things you will want to consider before making an informed decision. Is a pool suitable for my home, can I afford it and what is the maintenance like?

What is a concrete pool on the Gold Coast?

Concrete pools in the Gold Coast are built into the ground in your garden and can be customised to any shape or design that suits the layout of your property. The pool is shaped by steel and then concrete is sprayed onto the inside of the “shell” giving it a durable, long lasting finish. The process can be quite lengthy as the concrete needs at least a month to set after it’s been sprayed on. Concrete pools on the Gold Coast are very hard to damage, even with sharp objects so they are definitely a worthy investment as it will take a long time before it will require any maintenance.

What design should I choose?

When choosing the perfect design for your Concrete pool on the Gold Coast, you will need to consider the main reasons your pool will be used for. If you are wanting a swimming pool specifically for exercise, it will need to be at least 3.5 feet deep and you need to ensure you have enough space to accommodate a minimum of 35 feet with no obstructions. However, if you are going to be using your swimming pool for most social gatherings or family play, then you would be better off with a freeform-shaped pool designed with a shallow end for the kiddies and possibly a tanning ledge or benches installed for relaxation.

Depending on your specific needs, your concrete pool can be designed to suit your requirements.

concrete pools Gold Coast builders plastering finish on the pool's interiorPros of concrete pools on the Gold Coast

There are many positives to building a Concrete pool on the Gold Coast. You can enjoy the great weather whilst relaxing in the comfort of your home and have your pool custom built to your requirements and space. This is going to be a fab new space where you can host social gatherings or have family time in a brand new attractive area of your property.

Concrete pools on the Gold Coast are the most popular choice because they withstand all weather conditions and are very durable so you don’t need to worry about the interior of your pool getting damaged resulting in ongoing costs and maintenance.

Cons of concrete pools on the Gold Coast

As with any big decision, you need to consider the cons. Installing a concrete pool on the Gold Coast may pose some cons as well, such as the length of installation. As mentioned before, it takes a month for the concrete to be set before the water can be put in but the total process can actually take up to 6 months. You need to ensure you plan the building process accordingly to ensure your pool is ready for summer or any planned events.

Although your concrete pool may not require any repairs due to the sturdy materials it is made out of, you will however need to ensure your concrete swimming pool is maintained and cleaned regularly to keep the pool clean of any algae build-up.

Now that you know the construction process, pros and cons, and maintenance requirements, you are on the right track to making an informed decision and starting the first step of planning your dream swimming pool. When installing a concrete pool on the Gold Coast, remember to research reputable businesses, ask around and read reviews.

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